Fractal capital growth with artificial intelligence

Axinoss is a proprietary AI algorithmic trading fund focused on researching and utilizing end-to-end trading strategies for optimal capital growth. Our self-learning deep neural decision making system profits from micro- and macroscale structural fragilities in market dynamics without human intervention.

Modus operandi

Axinoss was founded on the premise that whatever factors drive the markets, there's a way to find and express these dynamics algorithmically, without human intervention, such that optimal decisions for maximizing long-term capital growth can be made automatically. We call this pricinple end-to-end automated optimal decision making. Success in this domain requires unique, innovative technology and the right attitude towards risk.

The markets are an incredibly complex system with many non-linear interactions that cannot be explained purely by deterministic principles. Our AI system learns the full distribution of possibilities with quantifiable degree of accuracy directly from the data and is able to synthesize realistic market scenarios that guide our decision making.

Risk approach

Markets are risky, and sometimes volatile. These two concepts are often unjustifiably conflated. Any strategy that seeks to survive and extract long-term alpha in the markets must benefit from and not be harmed by uncertainty and extreme events. This ancient philosophy is called antifragility - an operating principle where one is exposed to the convex payoff from chaotic events. It is central to the idea of tail-risk hedging and can be applied at every scale in the markets.

Our main strategy is to find and exploit structural fragilities in the macro- and microdynamics of markets using our AI system's evolving understanding of these dynamics. This allows us to thrive in volatile market conditions where traditional hedge funds would not survive, gaining massive long term edge.

Two Branches

We currently run a proprietary fund with closed access to outsiders. This may or may not change in the future, but for reference our operational focus within the same organization is divided into two branches:

Axinoss Fractal Alpha: Focused on profiting from microscale events

Axinoss Tail Alpha: Focused on profiting from macroscale events

Our Research

Deep learning and complex systems research is at the core of our operations. If you're interested to find out more about our research, contact us at:

Key People

Topias Nurminen

Head of Operations

Andreas Urbanski

Head of Research